Friday, February 11, 2011

:: dIssaPoInteD ::


today, i've got one new that made me feel very dissapointed..actually i received this news from my trusted friend..(thank to him for the news).

he told me that someone was now thinking of how to let me free..blamed me to something that i didn't do and without asking me either its true or not..unfair to me..

while discussing about this latest news (it involved one of my friend too), we realized that "someone" want us to go away coz what "someone" need from us is already selfish that "someone"..

but what i concern is, if "someone" let me&friend free, is there any others will continue to teach the student. didn't "someone" think of it?? yes, they can hire new one..but how long they will stay here?student who are exist can't wait for a new one...if i'm not mistaken, me&friend is the longest employee here..

really dunno "someone" think..really made my mood down today..

** trying to be nice but it seems unappreciate **